E4 aspect in Private Organizations

Not for Profit organizations based on Fire and working towards curbing global warming

Water-Based Businesses: Water-based businesses are those that produce products and provide services that relate to water and design, planning, reproduction systems. They are represented by orange colour, the sixth one in the rainbow.
Some examples of water-based businesses are:
Water cleaning businesses, such as water filters, water storage like utensils, transfer companies like water tanks, taps, pipes, bathroom fittings, etc. These businesses help in ensuring the quality and availability of water for various purposes like drinking, cooking, bathing, etc.

Contraceptive or birth control products businesses, such as condoms, pills, injections, etc. These businesses help in preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases by offering various methods of contraception.

Personal hygiene products businesses, such as sanitary napkins, diapers, wipes, etc. These businesses help in maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness by providing products that absorb or remove bodily fluids and wastes.

Creative and design agencies businesses, such as advertising design, architecture design, interior design, organizational design, industrial design, etc. These businesses help in creating and planning various aspects of visual communication and expression by using different media and techniques.

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