About 5 star framework

Coherent, Consistent, Comprehensive, Constructive and Compassionate

Ideazfirst five-star framework helps in scientific identification and balancing of the five elements which are the basis of cosmic creation.
Based on natural balancing the circadian and infradian rhythms of the atmosphere & earth and ayurvedic methods of human healthcare, it offers the most scientific, collaborative, logical, cost effective and simplest solution to Climate Crisis worldwide.
The Elements are represented as E1 = Ether, E2 = Air, E3 = Fire, E4 = Water and E5 = Earth.
The mass production of products is represented by the male aspect coded as alphabet A (Adam) - as they produce the seed or semen or sperm generally identical and in large numbers. i.e E1A - is the male aspect in Ether, E2A, E3A, and so on..
Whereas, the services related to the product with customization is represented female aspect coded as alphabet E (Eve) - as females process one semen with one ovum for formulation of a unique embroyo for child birth. i.e E1B - is the female aspect in Ether, E2B, E3B, and so on..
An ontological framework is a set of principles that describe the nature of reality and how we can know it. A 5 star ontological framework is one that meets the following criteria: it is coherent, consistent, comprehensive, constructive and compassionate. 
It is coherent because it does not contradict itself or other sources of knowledge. 
It is consistent because it applies the same rules and methods across different domains and contexts. 
It is comprehensive because it covers all aspects of reality and does not leave out any important questions or perspectives. 
It is constructive because it helps us to create positive outcomes and solutions for the challenges we face. 
It is compassionate because it respects the dignity and value of all beings and promotes their well-being.
We can apply these universal principles in the functioning of government, business and NGOs by using them as a guide for our decision-making, actions and interactions. For example, we can use a 5 star ontological framework to:
- Evaluate the validity and reliability of the information we use and share
- Align our goals and values with the common good and the sustainable development of society
- Foster a culture of collaboration, innovation and learning among our stakeholders
- Respect the diversity and autonomy of our partners and beneficiaries
- Seek feedback and accountability for our performance and impact
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