E2 aspect in Government

E2 - Air / feelings / heart based Government functions - Air based government work involves manufacture and procurement of goods / products and deliver services aimed for the citizens of the country, directly associated with feelings and heart chakra, i.e. National Security & Protection, education, healthcare, water, and sanitation

E2 A - Manufacture or procurement from other countries for mass usage, i.e. defense equipments, essential drugs, vaccines, medicines, educational materials like books etc. Food supplies Readymade garment manufacturing for both men and women like Shirts, trousers, sarees, etc
E2 B - Human Resource, Training and development, Recruitment and Appointment of personnel in key government departments, managing fair voting system through - Election Commission of India for electing Chief Minister for states, Governor, Judges for Supreme Courts, High Courts and District Courts, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Defence, Army & Police department, MyGov - Citizen Portal, Public Libraries, Monuments & Heritage Sites, Places of worship etc.
National Scholarships Portal, Government sponsored educational Institutes like IIT, IIM, ICAI and other educational programs in schools and colleges
National Health Authority, Government hospitals and clinics. Doctors, State Legal services, 
Ministry of Tourism - Central Tourism promotion like - Incredible India, state tourism departments like - Rajasthan Tourism Board, Kerala Tourism, WB Tourism etc.
Training & development,
Digital India, Common Service Centres, Investor Education and Protection Fund, Non-Profit, NGOs, Social cause organizations, Insurance companies like LIC - managing fear of uncertainty - managing emotions

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