E1 aspect in Government

Ether based government functions are the research, development, roadmap, policy, database management, blueprint planning and implementation of all process matters of the central or state government or Ether - i.e. sound, spirit, knowledge.

E1 A - The knowledge management division that helps in planning and design of policies and frameworks for smooth functioning of Government Departments. IT Equipments for capturing, creation and sharing of knowledge / ether in both industrial and consumer space are classified in this section.
NITI Aayog, 5G Spectrum Auction by Department of Telecommunications, GoIMinistry of Electronics and Information TechnologyNational Informatics Centre (Government domains i.e. nic.in, gov.in, cloud servers like Meghdoot), Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
Government Publications - National Digital LibraryEBooks & Printed Books & magazines, audiobooks, digital books, etc.
E1 B - Services that help in capturing, creation and sharing of knowledge and information. Government services in this section are - Ministry of Information and BroadcastingJudiciary Law and order rules - ie Supreme Court and High Courts, Policies in various sectors of economy like education, External Affairs, Finance Policy by way of managing Reserve Bank of India, Direct and indirect taxation, Export and import policy, Agriculture policy, Company Law Board, Government spokesperson / Public Relations, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

Storage, retrieval and security of Public databases by Digital Locker Authority like Aadhar - UIDAIIncome Tax & PAN DetailsPassport Data, Education details, Driving License, Motor vehicles, National Integrated Database of Hospitality Industry, Companies databank maintained by Ministry of Corporate Affairs etc. 
Research and Development in areas of Space & Satellite - Indian Space Research Organization, Defense, 

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